Bootcamp & Spin Unlimited Pass


Are you totally frustrated about your body?

No longer in good shape?

Haven’t a clue what the best exercise or nutrition programme is for you?

Basically if you are sick of feeling like rubbish, you need serious action!

Previously when you tried to lose fat you had no structured plan in place, the weight just came off but you didn’t gain any muscle so you where lacking any shape, eventually it led to you going back to that same dark place you were in before!

Doing this programme is going to make you fall in love with going out on social occasions again, clothes shopping will be a fun day out and when you get your clothes off you know you look incredible!

We show you our precise methods on how to gain muscle without getting fat!

You will learn how to eat absolutely deliciously tasty foods and still be in great shape without having to starve yourself.


Transformation – Clare Murnin

Transformation – Sarah Bissenden

“After having my 2nd baby in less than 2.5 years, I was worried about getting my ‘pre baby’ body back, I was so afraid I wouldn’t have time for the gym, I lacked motivation as I was so tired all the time and binge ate when I got the chance, it was definately not healthy and i knew i needed to change.” ⁣

“I hated going shopping as I felt frumpy in everything, didnt think I’d ever lose the baby weight and my confidence was at an all time low. The thought of going to the gym was scary as I thought I’d look silly not knowing what I was doing and didn’t want to go on my own.”⁣

“I saw a transformation photo of another client on Ferris Fitness Facebook and it really gave me that push to join. Once I got into a routine, met some great people there, I was always looking forward to classes, it was my ‘me time’. Its improved not only my physical health but my mental health too as I use it to de-stress and I cant stop smiling now.”⁣

“I cant believe the difference in just 12 weeks, I’m getting lots of compliments from friends and family 🙂 I’m really looking forward to progressing and toning up more in the months to come, especially with a wedding to prepare for in the near future 💪

“So if you were like me and you’re looking to change your life, message Benny you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain”☺️

Transformation – Ashlene Fearnon

Here is Ashlene she’s absolutely smashing it! For years she was going back and forward to slimming world totally obsessed with the scales thought she was eating “healthy” didn’t know anything different scales just went up went down but eventually as you all know you quit or get even more self conscious 😭 anyway over done cardio by going to random classes with no structure, this made her not want to go shopping for clothes, go out on nights out, run for the hills anyone taking pictures! 😱

Now completely different woman the most confident I’ve ever seen her and I’m sure you’ll agree really toned up 💪💪 she’s totally ditched slimming world got herself a custom built nutrition plan to suit work and have a great social life! Following my complete semi private programme and having true accountability and support that she’s needed for years ☺️☺️

These are results that’s going to last a lifetime and now only that will keep striving more and more! 💪💪 I love a story like this because Ashlene has a young child and by actively seeking to improve yourself physically and mentally her entire family benefits from a far more confident educated woman 👍🏆

Transformation – Claire Ferguson


“Before I started the spin & semi private programme i didn’t feel comfortable with the person I seen looking back at me in the mirror. After having two children my body had changed and I found to very hard to accept. I previously had tried to introduce more exercise into my lifestyle with attending difference classes like circuits etc but I didn’t enjoy it and found it a chore to go. The classes also did really suit our family lifestyle with work and childcare demands. I also had attended Slimmingworld groups and it did help me lose weight but I was looking for a complete lifestyle change which enabled me to eat healthy and get great shape. 

Since starting Ferris Fitness I am in the best of my life. Benny composed me a personalised nutrition plan which enabled me to eat the things I enjoy but still lose weight and tone up. I now attend two PT sessions per week and Two spin classes which I completely love and actually look forward to going to class. I have made friends and the craic in the sessions is great so nothing feels like a chore anymore. 

My goals for the future is to tone up and maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of my Ferris fitness friends. 

I would recommend the programme to anyone, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and worth every single penny!! The quality of my family life is better than ever before and this has allowed me to feel like myself again and get myself back into a shape I am confident and extremely happy with.”


Transformation – Chris Rice

“My biggest problem before starting was that I had a real lack of motivation, I would do bursts of cardio every so often but had never lifted a weight and was worried I would look stupid when I started, compared to other people who were more advanced.  It meant I got bored of exercise really quickly and never did it consistently. My fear of looking stupid meant I kept putting off joining a gym.

I knew some people who went to Benny and they had all said that  everyone is welcome, regardless of their ability. Everyone is there for the same reason and no one judges anyone else.  At first I was nervous about working out with others, but it turned out to be my favourite thing about the gym. Everyone is so encouraging and welcoming and it is actually really good fun. I began  to see changes quickly and Benny and the team really made me feel comfortable right from the start. I started really enjoying going to the gym (much more than I ever thought I would).

I feel much more confident within myself now and how I look, I have put on almost a stone and feel like I have much more energy too. It’s a great feeling when people tell you they can see a change as well!  

Advice I would give to someone thinking of joining is to just bite the bullet and sign up! Everyone has been in the same position as you at some point. You’ll end up feeling part of a brilliant community and feel much better within yourself, as well as meeting great people along the way!”

Transformation – Tierna O’Donnell

Being a student and living up in belfast Tierna was constantly eating the wrong foods, snacking between lectures and getting takeaways because she thought it was cheaper than making a healthy meal. She had a holiday booked and just didn’t feel comfortable going away feeling and looking the way she did. She joined the semi private programme and was able to go away on holidays feeling confident about herself, not having to wear certain clothes to cover up the body parts she didn’t like.⁣

She loves the team atmosphere in the gym and how everyone supports each other no matter what! She loves the fact that she can ask for advice and not feel ashamed or embarrassed which was a big fear for her before she started!⁣

Tierna was also able to go travelling for a month with confidence because she was shown how to eat the right foods and not have the fear of putting it all back on. She has changed her life for the better and doesn’t want to ever look back 💪💪

Who is the Bootcamp not for?

Our Bootcamp programme is completely UNLIMITED!!

It allows you to attend as many group training sessions and spin classes as you like throughout the week.

The more you train the greater your results will be!!

There are plenty of classes to choose from running from Monday to Saturday (Check the timetable at the bottom of the page or the GoTeamUp calendar for days and times)

This method will give you the maximum opportunity to get in the best shape of your life!!


£79 per month if you choose the year membership or £89 per month if you choose to pay monthly

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

You get unlimited group classes and unlimited spin classes. This will give you maximum opportunity to get in the shape of your life.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

Yes everyone starts somewhere! Begin at your own pace and slowly increase your intensity.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

Yes doing general fitness classes without actually learning how your body works is completely winging it. You will get a bit of a loss at the start but in the end you will start to feel helpless because motivation eventually runs out especially if a social situation comes up.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

The training sessions last roughly 45 mins and at the end of the session I can take any question. You can also come to me at the end if you need any one-one support. I will always be there for you all.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

If you choose the pay monthly option at £89 per month yes you can cancel at any time. The yearly membership option at £79 per month however cannot be cancelled, and you will pay the £79 regardless if you come to class or not.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

Yes general nutrition advise is given as apart of your membership but if you require more in depth I can devise I fully tailored nutrition plan for you at a cost of £80.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

Crawfordstown Road, County Down. Halfway between Loughinisland and Drumaness. 

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Yes, if you get me a cracking transformation that can be used on social media, you will get your next month free.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

The maximum number per class 24 for bootcamp and 15 for spin.

Category: Bootcamp FAQs

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Bootcamps and Spin, large team training Unlimited pass. (Yearly)

  • £79.00 per month – 12 billing cycle commitment, then continues one cycle at a time. First full period begins on the membership’s start date. Customers must give 7 days notice when cancelling.

Bootcamps and Spin, large team training Unlimited pass. (No Commitment monthly)

  • £89.00 per month – Bills one cycle at a time with no commitment. First full period begins on the membership’s start date. Customers must give 7 days notice when cancelling.