Do you want to get in the best shape of your life?



Who is the Semi Private programme for?

Are you totally frustrated about your body?

No longer in good shape?

Haven’t a clue what the best exercise or nutrition programme is for you?

Basically if you are sick of feeling like rubbish, you need serious action!

  • Previously when you tried to lose fat you had no structured plan in place, the weight just came off but you didn’t gain any muscle so you where lacking any shape, eventually it led to you going back to that same dark place you were in before!
  • Doing this programme is going to make you fall in love with going out on social occasions again, clothes shopping will be a fun day out and when you get your clothes off you know you look incredible!
  • We show you our precise methods on how to gain muscle without getting fat!
  • You will learn how to eat absolutely deliciously tasty foods and still be in great shape without having to starve yourself.

                                        Sarah Samuel

  • You’re going to get true accountability whereby if you ever slip up and life gets in the way you’ll have someone to immediately reset you, remind you what is important get you back to your best!
  • You’ll meet like minded people on a similar journey to your own! People need people and if you’re able to share experiences similar to your own you’ll find not only a great gym partner, but you’re going to make friends for life, pushing hard for your goals and really looking the best for each other.
  • “What if i’m the worst there?” or “The most unfit person you’ve ever seen” Funny thing is everyone thinks this! It doesn’t matter where you start everyone had to start somewhere! You’re not expected to be great once you start, the reason why you’re on this page is because you’ve messed up somewhere along the line an action plan for change!
Rebecca McMullan


Here is what happens when you sign up-

You go through your full induction process. First off we get you dialled in with the nutrition that you have an easy process to follow! You will be taught how to do all the exercises correctly, as most people starting have never done anything before like this in their life.

Semi-Private PT is a small group of 3-6 people all of the same abilities and with the same set of goals looking to achieve the same thing.

Working in groups helps to make personal training more affordable!

You will join a private Facebook Page where all the coaches share valuable information to make your journey so much easier.  We also have dieticians and nutritionists regularly sharing videos, as you can tell we go above and beyond to help you succeed in your journey! On this group we encourage accountability, you can do this by sharing meal ideas, encourage each other, lift each other up on down days and congratulate each other on your wins.

You’ll have workout logs to track your progress, so no matter what your ability is, you can track it and constantly see your progress as you get stronger and fitter over time!

You will make great friends and become part of the family and most importantly you will love coming to training as the energy is infectious. You will quickly see the reason why all the Ferris Fitness clients become addicted to looking and feeling incredible!




“I’ve been with Brendan for four years and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  I’ve lost 10% body fat and gained 5kg of muscle.  The main reason I am so dedicated and that I prioritise my workouts in my busy life is because of how it makes me feel.  I own a business and work 7 days a week.  Going to semi-private pt sessions releases stress and I’ve met some lovely, uplifting people,  I can honestly say that I could not live without my classes. definitely the best medicine!”

‘Patricia Molyneaux’



“I started with spin twice a week for just over a year then progressed to a PT class once a week.  When I started it was due to my daughter Niamh who raved about the spin classes.  At 50 I thought 1. I was too old and 2. I didn’t  have the time for fitness as I was a bit of a workaholic and any spare time at home was spent cleaning, cooking, and running the house.  Looking back I had made no time for myself.

When I started spin for the first night I lost the use of my legs but I did go back 😉 This was because of the motivation of Brendan. He wasn’t concerned with my age or gender he was immediately able to identify what individuals wanted to achieve and that really motivated me.  Three years on and I attend spin and PT 3 times a week.  I am a deputy director working full time, with a family running a household and commute to Belfast every morning at 5:45am.  However building the Ferris fitness into my daily routine enables me to have more energy, be super organised, excel in my job, drop a number of dress sizes, keep up with my daughters and feel a lot younger than my years.  Love it.

Now this is what ferris fitness has done for ME, but this is how I see Brendan.  Brendan is passionate about what he does and believes in people who really want to change and grow and be the best they can be. Brendan provided the expert advice and support to do this so it is there at your finger tips.  If you are in charge of your destiny then you can make the change and Brendan as the expert in his field can make you achieve these goals. He has numerous testimonials and real life examples and I am one and a real life promoter of how you can change to make life fun and better.  After all we only come around this life circle once.  its up to you.  Ferris fitness is with me for life!!

 ‘Mary McCartan’



Q How long will it be before I start to notice results?

A You should start to notice changes after 2 – 4 weeks

Q. How do you book in for sessions?

A. Through our advanced booking system, There are slots set aside every morning afternoon and evening so no matter what your lifestyle, work commitments etc you can get booked in easily. if you work 9-5 you can select evening slots or early morning, also this is especially useful for people who work shifts that they have flexibility to put themselves in around work hours.

Q. How many sessions do you get a month?

A. There are different packages however I suggest you start on the 17 sessions a month in total. It will work out 4 times a week and if you want to upgrade to our Unlimited Package you can how ever this is perfect to get started.

Q. What if I don’t use all of my sessions? 

A. That doesn’t matter the reason we put on so many sessions is so that you couldn’t run out, if your getting between 2-4 time a week thats perfect! Intrestingly the system also lets you book in extra for weeks you’ve extra time and weeks you’ve less time so say for e.g Week 1 – 2 sessions, Week 2  – 6 sessions, Week 3 – 3 sessions, Week 4 – 6 sessions

Q. What happens if I am sick or on holidays?

A. You can use your sessions as and then you like. So if you know you are going on holidays you can use more the week before or week after, like the example above!

Q. How do I sign up?

You have to fill in the application form to see if you values meet the gyms values if we both are a good match then we will begin the process to change your life. We will give you a call to see what your main challenges are and overcome them together.

Q When can I start the programme? 

A. All the intakes are at the start and end of the month, so if you find yourself in the middle of the month don’t wait apply for the programme! We can organise the phone call if the application is successful and can give you early value that will have you already on the path.

Q. Can I use my membership for spin and other classes?

A. Yes the Semi Private gives you access to the entire gym

Q. Will everyone in the group a lot fitter than me?

A. No everyone starts somewhere you are here for you, how you look physically and how you feel mentally, Your not here to compete in a competition everyone is here to look and feel great just like you.

Q Do I have to take the before pictures? 

A. I understand your confidence may be low but with my programme you’ll see such an amazing result its incredible to look back at where you started. I always suggest do a clear before photo and also your measurements, its the best way to track your progress when you can physically see the changes happening.

Q I’m quite a picky eater do you can you still do a plan for me?

A. Yes your plan is build around the foods you like

Q Can I do a semi private programme with my friend or my partner? 

A. Yes of course, But both of you will have to go through the application process separately as we need to make sure we share common values.

Q Ive done a food plan before where I thought everything was quite generic, how is your different? 

A. If you choose to purchase a full 7 day food plan it is built around you your lifestyle the foods you like etc. So it teaches you to eat the foods you enjoy and still get in the shape of your life. This is one of the measures I take to ensure you get in unbelievable shape and stay that way for the rest of your life!

Q Where are you based? 

A. County Down, the village is Loughinisland

Q What if I still need help or am unsure of something do can I just contact you?

A Yes you can contact us 24/7 and you will see us every week also 

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